Frequently Asked Questions

No. The price is for the rebuild only.

There are several gear oils that will work depending on horsepower or intended use. For most transmissions we recommend Redline MT90. For drag use or high horsepower cars please contact us. Please let us know if you need any Redline gear oil.

We recommend driving easy for the first few hundred miles to allow the gears and synchros to bed in. It is normal for the trans to be stiff for the first few hundred miles.

This is very common when the clutch is not releasing. Most often while having the trans rebuilt the clutch is replaced. Installing an upgraded clutch requires more clutch pedal travel and needs to be readjusted and worn parts replaced. We recommend a new clutch fork, pivot ball, OEM or ACT throwout bearing and a braided stainless clutch line.

The most common problem is that the reverse light switch is over tightened or missing the washer underneath the switch. Simply remove the switch and replace the washer.

We do not sell complete rebuild kits. There are changes made to almost every year trans. There are different shift rails, gear sizes, gear tooth profiles etc. and it would not be possible to make up a kit.

Please review our shipping information for details regarding the shipment of your transmission. Be sure and save your tracking # and track the transmission to make sure it gets here. We sign for all of our packages so if we signed for it then it is here.