ShepTrans Transfer Case Ring and Pinion Rebuild (Stage 2) – Mitsubishi EVO 8-9


Please note that when purchasing a rebuild, a suitable transfer case is required. We can send out boxes and have them picked for you. Please see Inbound Shipping for more details.

Optional Upgrades

Additional information

ShepTrans now offers 2 different Ring & Pinion sets depending on your vehicle’s needs. Each rebuild includes the 8-10mm bolt upgrade, using OEM quality flanged bolts, not those cheap hardware store type bolts we’ve seen in other rebuilds. Each bolt upgrade is done using a jig and a vertical mill, to ensure quality and accuracy. A complete rebuild using an Upgraded Ring & Pinion set. Much stronger than stock, this is the gear set we have used to build our reputation as the leader in Evo Transfer Case rebuilds. Ideal for street/strip use, these gears offer quiet operation and increased longevity. Also included:
  • 8mm to 10mm bolt upgrade
  • New OEM pinion bearing set
  • New seals and o-rings
  • Reshimming
  • Neodymium magnet