ShepTrans / PPG Drag Dog Box – Mitsubishi EVO 4-9


Please note that if you require assembly a suitable transmission core is required. We can send out boxes and have them picked for you. Please see Inbound Shipping for more details.

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ShepTrans/PPG have been teamed up for many years to provide the best available gearbox for your vehicle Desiged for use in drag racing, this set is one of PPG’s most highly developed. Particular attention to detail on tooth profiling was done to achieve minimal loading on the inherently weak EVO 4-9 casing. We are unaware of any other product on the market that comes close to achieving this with use of the stock gearbox configuration. This set comes with billet selector forks and it is suggested that the PPG final drive be used with this set. Ratios: 2.846 / 1.937 / 1.388 / 1.000  4.30 Final drive Price includes PPG final drive