ShepTrans 5-Speed Transmission Rebuild – Mitsubishi EVO X GSR


Please note this is a rebuild of your existing transmission. Pricing may change slightly depending on condition.

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Rebuild Includes

  • 1st gear synchro
  • 2nd gear synchro
  • 3rd gear synchro
  • 4th gear synchro
  • 5th gear synchro
  • Reverse gear synchro
  • 1-2 shift sleeve
  • 3-4 shift sleeve
  • 5th shift sleeve
  • Upgraded 5th rail snap rings (x2)
  • Upgraded 3rd gear Torrington bearing and thrust washers
  • High strength roll pins
  • All seals (input, axle seal, 2 shaft seals, reverse bolt o-ring)
  • Re-shim bearing preload
  • Snap rings
  • Bead blast / paint
  • Magnet
  • Case vent
  • Center Differential Upgrade (Cross pins, retainer pins, thrust washers, dual Torrington bearings)