ShepTrans Group N Dog Box – Mitsubishi EVO 4-9

$11,135.00 $9,950.00

Please note that when purchasing, a suitable transmission is required. We can send out boxes and have them picked for you. Please see Inbound Shipping for more details.

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ShepTrans/PPG have been teamed up for many years to provide the best available gearbox for your vehicle!

Responsible for Podium finishes and Championship wins in China Rally, Asia Pacific Rally, Australian Rally, Intercontinental Rally and many other world class events on a global scale. This set is renowned for reduced dog wear and superb fast and clean shifts.

Our V3 sets now have reduced throw “short shift” mechanisms incorporated for lower stage times and further reduced dog maintenance. One of the lightest Group N gearsets on the market but yet with an unrivaled reliability record and enviable reputation.

Incorporating the same tooth profile design techniques as our famous 1100hp rated EVO1-3 drag sets, the EVO 4-9 V3 GRP-N gear sets have maximum power handling characteristics given the FIA Group N Homologation restrictions.

Gear sets comes with billet Chromoly Selector Forks and matching Final drive assemblies

Ratios: 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.47 / 1.111 / .857 FD: 4.307

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